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Tiger Tally: 19 Days!

Tiger Woods has been the front page story on the NY Post for 19 days now. I've run out of shit to say about this guy. How about you?


Tiger Tally: 18 Days!

Eighteen days and counting that Tiger's been the front page story for the NY Post. This one says that Tiger's wife and kids are leaving him and moving out of his house. And we all know what that means...PARTY AT TIGER WOODS!!


Happy Birthday Rodney!

Today is legendary DJ Rodney Bingenheimer's birthday. My friend Gidget (the second coolest DJ after Rodney) is having a special birthday show in his honor. So go on over and listen, it starts in just a few minutes. Check it out here: Woody Radio. You can listen online, I can't because I have to go to work now, so you can listen for me. And if you register there, you can join in the fun in the chat room. Have a great show, Gidget and Happy Birthday to you, Rodney Bingenheimer! Thanks for playing all the great music and turning people on to great bands through the years!


Tiger Tally: 17 Days!

Tiger Woods is the front page story of the NY Post for 17 days in a row. Please, make it end soon! And how sad that now Tiger has to resort to having sex with members of U2.


Website of the Week

Once a week I thought I’d feature a website that’s just doing something for the sheer fuck and love of it. So please don’t send me links to your band’s website or your blog for this. But if you know of someone doing something fun and/or wacky, please email me the link and it might just end up the Website of the Week! (Like that’s a big fucking deal!)
This Weeks Website:
I love goofy websites that aren’t trying to make money or get comments, but just are there to be completely silly and goofy. And that’s all I can say about The Defiant Dog without giving it away, go forth and see for yourself!

Blast From The Past

Blast From The Past
Magazine: COSMOPOLITAN, July, 2002
Cover Headline: “BLOW HIS MIND!”
Speaking as a guy, Cosmopolitan, I have to say you might be better off blowing another part of his anatomy.

Tiger Tally: 16 Days!

I really thought today would be the end of Tiger on the front page of the NY Post, but no! Sixteen motherfucking days in a row! The number of Tiger Woods consecutive days on the front page of the Post now surpass the number of women he had flings with. Unbelievable!



Oh fuck it’s Monday. And I’m a little behind with everything. I was busy with other stuff over the weekend, so today I’m just posting this and a Tiger Tally. Tomorrow I’ll post some more stuff and the photo of the week.

“Boris” stuck me in a lineup this week on the Home Page Art and it turned out funnier than hell. Great work once again, Daddio! If you’ve got a website and want some specific artwor for it, “Boris” is available for freelance assignments. He also does custom logos, CD and book covers, retouching and much more. Just send me an email and I’ll pass it along to “Boris.”

Okay, I’ve got to run, check back for the Tiger Tally today and then more crap tomorrow.


Decades, Part III

As promised on Monday, I continue to sum up the decades via links on the internet. Here’s the ‘70’s, have a nice decade!

The 1970’s

Heavy metal.

You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.

From the movie theater onto the TV screens.

Lava, not just a soap anymore.

My Lai massacre.

The Gremlin.

Let it be.

Overweight cassettes.

Houston we have a problem.

“Tin soldiers and Nixon coming. Four dead in Ohio.”

JImi Hendrix: Dead at 27.

Janis Joplin: Dead at 27.

Stifle yourself, Edith!

Mother Nature, any relation to Motherfucker?

Jim Morrison: Dead at 27.



Rollin’, rollin’, rollin.’

McGovern and Eagleton.

McGovern and Shriver.

Four more years.

Video games.

War is over.

World Trade Center.

Black light posters.

1950’s nostalgia.

Mood rings


The battle of the sexes.

Spiro: I am a crook.

I am not a crook!

Patty Hearst/Tania.

Okay, I AM a crook.

We get a president that no one voted for.

Nixon sneezes, Ford pardons. One hand washes the other.

Rumble in the jungle.

Sunday, Monday...

Wheel. Of. Fortune!

Disco here, disco there.

The Squeaky assasin gets the cell.

Silly String.

Live...from New York...

In the ‘60’s we had Sgt. Pepper, in the ‘70’s we had this.

A is for Apple and April Fool’s.

And it’s also for Ancient Chinese Secret.

And it’s also for Air Hockey. Okay, enough of that.


In the ‘70s going green had a different meaning.

Bicentennial Madness.

Summer of Sam (and I’m not talking Wong, either.)


Jimmy Carter runs.

Gerald Ford stumbles.

Finally a President we elected.

Saturday Night’s not only live, it’s got a fever too.

The first brother.

Hotel California is open for business.

Hold the lettuce...between your knees.

Let’s do it.

Rumours has it.

Punk rock hits Brits.

I still haven’t seen this fucking movie and never will.

Blackout = riots.

The King dies on his throne.

Apparently the secrest woid was: Pneumonia.

An early inspiration for Sarah Palin.

The poster that millions of teenaged boys put to good use (myself included.)

The smell of death’s around you.

Never mind the bollocks...

Roman’s roamin.’

Good news for Mark Harmon.

Proved that Americans preferred paper.

Bad P.R. for Kool-Aid.

Send in the clown.

She decided it’s not much fun being Tania, after all.


Disco Riot.

Before the insanity set in, there was this.

Iran’s not playing nicely.

It couldn’t have happened in a nicer place.

Live long and eat popcorn.

Why didn’t I think of this?


Sunday Comic